Neue Schule Weymouth


Neue Schule Weymouths are available in 4 styles, each designed with specific purposes in mind. 5.5" mouthpieces (14cm).

Neue Schule mouthpieces are designed ergonomically, so best fit your horse's mouth. Made form Neue Schule Salox Gold, with a high copper content, and additives that maximize on warmth and oxidation, promoting salivation, mouthing, acceptance, and communication.


Lightweight Mors L'Hotte Weymouth: Idea for horses with little room in the room, also for strong but sensitive horses. Very gentle pressure across the tongue. 12mm diameter mouthpiece.

Thoroughbred Weymouth: Good for horses with sensitive bars, as the mouthpiece traces out a subtle convex arc angled forwards at 45 degrees to the cheek shanks. Pressure is reduced on sensitive areas, with a 12mm diameter mouthpiece.

Pacifier Weymouth: Revolutionary new design designed for horses with a short smile, when the tongue is drawn back creating tension. The gentle sloping mouthpiece is a constant 16mm diameter, circular over the bars and cleverly changing shape forming an oval profile over the tongue. A very kind, gentle mouthpiece designed specifically for maximum comfort and clear communication.

Aachen Weymouth: An innovative, ergonomically designed, very kind Weymouth. With a similar mouthpiece design to the Pacifier, it is particularly beneficial for the horse that is inclined to work above the bit, and those that are tense and shorten the neck, as it encourages the lowering of the poll and lengthening of the neck. 16mm diameter mouthpiece.